Barcode tracking systems in Sri Lanka

While a range of cutting-edge technologies such as RFID, RTLS, and GPS brings the possibility to track inventory, people, and assets with high accuracy, the good old barcodes delivers a competitive tracking capability when used properly. Especially in a country like Sri Lanka where technologies such as RFID and GPS tracking can be expensive, the long standing technology, barcode, can be a very effective tool for businesses who needs detailed visibility in to their business and it’s processes in real-time.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Employees makes mistakes when writing down data and quantity
  • Mistakes on writing/recording the product code
  • A lot of time spent on writing down information or marking on paper
  • Having to manually read carton/box labels to locate goods
  • Batch and expiry information are getting slipped
  • Don’t know who did what and when

Do you want to achieve any of these?

  • Automate stock movement record-keeping
  • Have real-time insights to your inventory, assets, personnel, etc.
  • Eliminate confusion caused due to human errors
  • Speed-up processes and improve the quality and effectivity of work
  • Who did: What, When, Where, and Why

Ok, here's the solution...

Flatorb has developed OCTO Cloud Platform for the sole-purpose of tracking your inventory, assets, work-in-progress, personnel, etc. This platform can be easily and quickly configured to match your operations without having to go through time-consuming implementations, and can be used with industrial grade equipment where users require minimal training.

Features can be turned on or off from a wide range to suite your organization and it’s needs.

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Our solutions are customized to address your needs

We understand the requirements of your project is unique as your business. We offer customized solutions to address your exact needs.

Inventory tracking

  • Real-time stock availability reports
  • Track transfers and dispatches of stocks
  • Expiry and shelf-life alerts and reports to minimize losses
  • Perform physical audits fast with high accuracy
  • Supports RFID, Barcode, and manual data entry
  • Connect with our GPS trackers to know where they are
  • Enforce FIFO, LIFO
  • Systems optimized for speed-up order preparation processes
  • Industrial grade hardware for rugged use
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