tracking systems and solutions on the cloud

We provide a wide range of barcode systems and solutions including both software and hardware to address almost all of the industrial and retail applications. Whether you are looking for a simple POS system or a complex production tracking or a supply chain management solution our highly customizable OCTO Cloud Barcode System can easily address all your barcode requirements.

Cloud software system

All your product inventory information, work-flows, and everything else in the cloud and interconnected so that you can do anything from anywhere.

Wide applications

From simple retail store management to highly complex supply chain and manufacturing tracking can be carried out with our cloud enabled barcode system.


OCTO Cloud ERP barcode system is highly customizable and can be fine tuned to address the exact requirement of your organization’s workflow.

All in one ERP

Our cloud software is a full scale ERP with expanded capabilities to cater to all your tracking needs. Discuss with our engineers explain how we could be a great match.


Our android based industrial grade barcode terminals bring cutting edge technology to your hands, literally. Discover our salesforce automation applications.

Wired & Wireless

Whether you need simply wired or complete wireless, we have solutions and equipment to have things connected, even with industrial machinery you already have.

Let's talk about your project

We understand that each of our clients requirements are different and so could be yours. Our engineers are here to gather the critical information and factors of your application and provide you with reliable, efficient, and cost effective solutions. Call us now to discuss more.

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