Sales force tracking

About the client The client is a large scale construction material seller to hardwares located nationwide via the head office and the distribution centres. Issues and challenges Monitoring performance of the sales personnel was extremely hard Real time information was

Pharmaceutical Inventory management with RFID

About the client The client sells heart surgery balloons and other related medical equipments to number of hospitals in Colombo, Sri Lanka Issues Not knowing the actual stock availability at a given time Tracing back any item was extremely difficult

Moodle Sri Lanka

We are specialized in designing and developing Online Leaning Management Systems for our clients in Sri Lanka, USA, UK, and many others around the world. We allowed our clients to carryout their courses, exams, assignments, discussions and many more through

Flatorb grabs Most innovative local product at Tec...

Flatorb was awarded the ‘’most innovative local product’’ at Techno 2015 Awards Ceremony organized by IESL. Flatorb received this award for their latest product ‘’OCTO SaaS’’ (formally FX Hello) which was created to address the needs of large-scale enterprises without

Automated BI & Tracking
Our RFID, Barcode, IoT and GPS based solutions are designed to capture critical business data with minimal human intervention.