FX Hello Learning management system

FX Hello Learning Management system is a comprehensive cloud based system developed to eliminate the limitations faced by popular learning management systems such as Moodle and Totara. FX Hello LMS comprises of all features necessary for students, teachers and management to effectively manage and use the system.

The system is cloud based and does not require any software to be installed, eliminating the complexity of the setup process. Structuring a courses, it’s lessons and other material in any way based on the requirements with out any constraints, easy drag and drop file uploads supporting all common file types, having no restriction with regard to file naming provides flexibility for the institutes, lecturers to use the system without any complications and to customize it according to the exact requirement of the course provider.

System features can be looked in mainly under the following categorization:

For Students

  • Registration to relevant courses can be done
  • Payments can be done based on the pre- agreements such as fully, partially, installments basis
  • Accessing the learning materials, alerts, chat rooms, group discussions is facilitated
  • Taking of exams, quizzes, assignments can be done
  • Upload of documents, projects
  • Viewing of the exam and other results via the dashboard
  • Setting up of Reminders and other  important notification
  • Progress reports
  • Timetable and schedules

For Teachers

  • Creation of courses, lessons, notes and any other related material
  • Marking of the exams, quizzes and assignments
  • Teacher student group discussions
  • Progress reports
  • Timetable
  • Availability slots

For management>

  • Management of the student records
  • Multiple course enrolments
  • Grouping of students for a time period or for a particular course
  • Intake/ Semester management
  • Payment management
  • Teacher management
  • Email and other related marketing campaign management

Unlike other LMS’s where it just provides the learning platform, FX Hello Learning management module comes with the entire student management portal as well making it easier for any institute or course provider to manage their students effectively. System comprises of many other advanced features such as employee management, reminder notifications etc

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