Track anything

GPS tracking solutions for Vehicles, Assets, Personnel, Pets, or anything else. Units with self powered feature, ultra-long battery life, etc.


Highly accurate and durable devices brings you the highest reliability and ROI. We specialize in providing equipment and systems which your business can reply on.

GPS tracking software

Web and mobile based software allows you to track and monitor all your vehicles from anywhere in the world at any time. It’s easy to use, clean, and does the job.

Customize & Integrate

Need a fully customized GPS tracking or monitoring device and/or system developed? We can help. Contact us now to talk more about your project.

GPS vehicle tracking system sri lanka

Benefited industries

  • Logistics and fleet tracking
  • Sales-force (sales rep) tracking
  • Taxi and other transportation services
  • Rent-a-car services
  • Children, elderly, patients, and pet safety enhancement

Find the perfect GPS tracker for your requirement

We offer a variety of GPS trackers each built with quality and reliability at the top. With devices specifically designed for each specialized requirements, our products and solutions can help your business thrive.

  •   Monthly / Annual Fee
  •   Live online monitoring
  •   Trip re-play on map
  •   Fuel consumption
  •   Built-in memory
  •   Battery Backup Power
  •   Sharp turn alert
  •   Aggressive / quick lane change
  •   SOS
  •   Unplug/disconnect alert
  •   Buzzer


Rs. 20,000
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Rs. 23,000
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Rs. 28,000
  • FREE
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