GPS Vehicle Tracking Sri Lanka

General features

  • Geo fencing
  • Real-time location of multiple vehicles
  • Replay the trips
  • Location vs time information
  • Address display
  • Engine and door status
  • Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration
  • Fuel consumption, mileage, temperature
  • GPS and GSM signal
  • Direction, latitude, longitude

Advanced features

  • Remotely disable fuel
  • Remotely disable power
  • Remotely reboot device
  • Remotely reset device
  • Take photos with up to 2 cameras
  • Voice and audio monitoring and recording
  • SMS alerts
  • Vehicle maintain alerts and records
  • RFID card for driver identification


  • Detailed tracking information and logs
  • Historic photos
  • Proximity point
  • Driving and Parking
  • Working hours mileage
  • Daily running
  • Over time fatigue driving
  • Engine on/off and door open/close
  • Mileage, Fuel consumption
  • Speed, Temperature
GPS vehicle tracking system sri lanka

A: List of vehicles

This shows the list of vehicles. You can organize your vehicles by the department, type or any other way you wish. Our software allows you to create categories and sub-categories to list your vehicles under. You can then select which vehicles you want to track or track all of them at once.

B: Live GPS vehicle tracking

Our web based software allows you to track your vehicles live using multiple map services. Shown above is a vehicle being tracked in Sri Lanka. The map is updated with the real-time location of your vehicles. It displays the track it has been traveling for the trip. Clicking on the vehicle gives you more information.

C: Live status and alarms

This list shows the live status of each vehicle including the current location address, engine status (on/off/errors), vehicle speed, RPM and other useful information. The “Alarms” section shows all the alerts for the vehicles for the current trip including speeding, aggressive driving, idling, etc. You can customize your tolerance values.

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