linen tracking with rfid

keep it clean for your customers while saving money

Wash cycles

Keep track of how-many wash cycles each individual piece of linen has gone through, just by scanning.

Linen Change

Know how many days it has been since the last wash or linen change in a particular room with ease and notify housekeeping.

Room audits

Check if everything is in place in a matter of few seconds, before a guest arrive and after they leave.

3rd party laundry

Know what and how-many items were given out, how many were returned, accuracy, and discrepancies in real-time.

housekeeping tracking

allowing you to stay on top of quality and productivity

Exact location

Know where your staff is at, what they are working on, and how much time they’ve spent in real-time.

Transit tracking

Track location of assets and geo-fence, whether in storage, in transit, or in a 3rd-party warehouse.


Manage maintenances, automated notifications and alerts, reports on the cloud with history logs.

Connect to your ERP

Visualize the data on our cloud platform or get them directly in to your own ERP in real-time.


suite of tools and products to track, manage, and enhance employee productivity and performance

Customer satisfaction

Mobile customer feed back collection devices and automated incident capturing integrated in to one real-time platform.

Meal plan management

Allocate meal-plans and food allowances with ease for your guests and employees with our RFID and biometrics enabled platform.


Keep your staff up-to-date and compliant with our online learning and training solutions. Carryout orientation, product trainings, etc.


IoT, RFID, sensor, barcode, GPS and other automation technology consulting and product development services

Combine you industry knowledge with the experience and the skills of our IoT and automation engineers to design, develop, and integrate cutting-edge technologies to your organization. Talk to us now to discuss your project.

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