GPS vehicle tracking system Sri Lanka

Flatorb offers the most accurate, reliable, and easy to use GPS vehicle tracking system in Sri Lanka. Our devices are highly accurate, durable, with many advance features. These highly advance GPS trackers with the latest communication and geo-locating technology combined with our award-winning software0 can meet all your vehicle tracking requirements.

Our internet based software allows you to monitor and manage your vehicles over the internet from anywhere via any device and present all these data in an easy to understand format. Combined with our ERP System, we can give all the information you need at one place.

Whether you want to just keep an eye on your vehicles, or get detailed reports, or increase the quality of service, our GPS Tracking System can give you all the information you need.

  • Logistics
  • Taxi companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Tour and public transport companies
  • Personal vehicles


  • Geo-fencing
  • Real-time location of multiple vehicles
  • Can re-play multiple vehicles simultaneously
  • Location vs time information
  • Search detailed address by longitude and latitude
  • Engine and door status
  • Speed, acceleration, deceleration
  • Fuel consumption, mileage, temperature, etc.
  • GPS and GSM signal
  • Direction, latitude, longitude

Advanced features

  • Remotely disable fuel
  • Remotely disable power
  • Remotely reboot device
  • Remotely reset device
  • Take photos with up to 2 cameras
  • Voice monitor
  • SMS notice
  • Vehicle maintain notice
  • RFID card for driver identification


  • Detailed track
  • Historic photo
  • Proximity point
  • Driving and Parking
  • Working hours mileage
  • Daily running
  • Over time fatigue driving
  • Engine on/off and door open/close
  • Mileage, Fuel consumption
  • Speed, Temperature

Alarms reports

  • Over-speed
  • Main power cut-off
  • Power shutoff
  • Vehicle crash

Geo-fence reports

  • Area in/out
  • In/out station details
  • In/out station statistics
  • Vehicle maintain historic record
  • RFID historic record
  • Vehicle SMS record


  • Devices report time interval
  • Vehicle over-speed value
  • Set vehicle initial mileage
  • Set vehicle fuel tank size
  • Set server IP, port

We are here to help

call us now to select the perfect model for your requirement and vehicle

We offer a wide range of GPS tracker models with various features and to match most vehicles. Checkout our available models online or give us a call for assistance. We offer discounts when purchasing multiple quantities.

We offer the most reliable, intuitive, and customized GPS based vehicle tracking system in Sri Lanka. Our systems can be customized as per the users needs and can be integrated with a wide range of external applications such as commonly known ERP systems and SAP.

Combined with Flatorb RFID tracking systems, FX vehicle tracking system in Sri Lanka can deliver real-time information about content that are on-board on the vehicle providing valuable insights.

Our tracking systems are ideal for:

  • Industrial users focusing on logistics, distribution, warehousing, etc.
  • Taxi and personnel transportation vehicles
  • Transportation services and delivery vehicles

Fleet tracking at it’s best

FX Vehicle tracking system combined with the FX RFID system can give the real-time location of your vehicle in Sri Lanka and the inventory information on-board. You can route your trucks in real-time by sending them the delivery location coordinates directly to the truck. Aggressive driving can be alerted to the administrators.

Software that makes sense

We have experimented with various softwares by various providers and have put together the best software that makes your tracking solution as easy and efficient as it can be. With high accuracy and user friendliness, we allow you to track your vehicles online from anywhere in the world. Detailed maps of Sri Lanka, essential reports, history replay of a trip are only a few things among many intuitive features.

Reliability and trust

We have been trusted by many individuals and large scale companies for their GPS Vehicle Tracking to optimize the efficiency in their business processes and to secure their vehicles and assets. We provide great after sales services and technical support including on-demand assistance. Call us now and learn more about our range of products and services for your GPS vehicles tracking needs.

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