Our RFID solutions
  • Automated product receiving, check-in counting, and GRN process
  • Product dispatch/issue counting
  • Shelf life data generation and insights
  • Delivery order management and accuracy enforcement
  • Expiration awareness and alerts
  • FIFO enforcement

Implementing RFID requires a deep understanding in electro magnetics, signals, electronics, finance, and IT to deliver an efficient, high performance, and economical solution. Our team is comprised of these skill resources to bring the maximum value for your investment.

Ready to install

Our software and hardware can address all of warehouse management requirements using RFID, allowing us to quickly implement and deliver a tested, stable, and reliable system. Our Cloud SaaS delivers up-to-date features with nothing to worry on infrastructure.

Customizable and expandable

While our system is a full scale ERP that allows you to manage your entire business and addresses most of the requirements of it, we can easily customize or add new features to our system to address specific requirements of your organization at any time.

Automated Goods Receiving (GRN) Process

Goods can be automatically counted through our RFID fixed and/or handheld readers as it comes out from the trucks and passes through the entry gate. The supervisor only need to scan the packing slip (or the purchase order, gate-pass, etc.) and the system automatically does the rest by counting the goods, updating GRN, etc.

Automated stock put-away to shelves and bins

Using forklift mounted RFID/barcode readers or handheld readers, pallets can be identified along with the GRN and the put-away location can be automatically decided through the OCTO Supply Chain Management Cloud. And on-board display can precisely direct the forklift driver to the correct location and the put-away can be verified through an handheld or a forklift mounted RFID/barcode reader. Our workflow and warning systems makes it impossible to put a pallet in a wrong bin.

Talk to an expert

Talk to one of our engineers about your operation and requirements and learn how RFID could benefit you. Get an idea about the initial and recurring investments, ROI, and other benefits. Our initial level consultations are free.

Alternative: Barcode

Barcodes can do most of what RFID does at a very cheaper initial and recurring cost compared to RFID. Though a few disadvantages do exists over RFID, our team is specialized in developing barcode solutions as an alternative to RFID.

Alternative: Manual/Semi-Auto

If RFID or barcode is not the solution for you at this point, you can still make your warehouse management more efficient and stream lined by using our OCTO Cloud platform for Supply Chain Management. You can set it up your self or ask us for help. Subscription is just $5/mo per user.

Industrial IoT for Warehouses

Connect any of our compatible IoT devices and sensors with our RFID enabled supply chain management cloud with ease. You can monitor the temperature, humidity, and a wide range of other parameters using our supported IoT sensors.

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