Pharmaceutical Inventory management with RFID

About the client

The client sells heart surgery balloons and other related medical equipments to number of hospitals in Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Not knowing the actual stock availability at a given time
  • Tracing back any item was extremely difficult and time consuming
  • Wastage due to expiration of products
  • Lack of useful information for management decision making

Each and every item was tagged with RFID for it to be read and identified separately. Useful information such as product name, batch, expiry, transfer location, number of units are being recorded on to the FX Hello ERP system.

  • Real time stock monitoring
  • Identification of expiry and alerts generation
  • Ability to track any item from the point it comes to the warehouse to its movement within multiple locations
  • Useful Business reports for better decision making such as identification of shelf life, re-order levels, monthly performance etc.
  • Reduction in cost and wastage
  • Real time stock audits

OCTO cloud ERP system is designed to accommodate advanced technologies such as RFID. Modular nature of the ERP along with its easy and simple interfaces makes it easy for companies to use this system without any hassle and benefit out of it.

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