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FX83-7  is a rechargeable GPS tracking terminal.The product does not need external connection, can be installed on the moving object, the appearance is small.Built-in super lithium battery, charging a sustainable work for 50 hours.Save electricity mode, standby work 800 hours.Supports GPS, AGPS and base station positioning


Product characteristics

Specific description

Built in Battery Specification Rechargeable polymer lithium battery (3.7V, 5000mAH)
Working current The average work current is <100mA; the power saving current is <6mA
Terminal weight TBD
working temperature -20 ~ 70 DEG C
Storage temperature -40 ~ 85 DEG C
relative humidity 5% to 95%

Product characteristics

Specific description

Operating frequency band 4 frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Maximum transmit power GSM850 Class4 (2W)
Receiving sensitivity GSM900 Class4 (2W)
working temperature DCS1800 Class1 (1W)
Storage temperature PCS1900 Class1 (1W)
working voltage <-107dBm
Power waste -35 ~ 80 DEG C
GPRS -45 ~ 90 DEG C
Authentication information 3.3V~4.6V (recommended 4.0V)
Product characteristics Specific description
Band GPS, L1:1575.42MHz, C/A, Code
passageway 50 channel
sensitivity Cold start capture sensitivity: -147dBm
Tracking sensitivity: -161dBm
Start-up time Cold start: 27S (optimum); hot start: 1S (optimum)
Data update frequency 1Hz (default); maximum 5Hz
positioning accuracy 2.5m (optimal)
Detection range Maximum height: 50000m; maximum speed: 500m/S; maximum acceleration: 4G
working voltage 3.3V + 0.3V
working temperature -40 ~ 85 DEG C

Additional information

Dimensions 90 × 57 × 26 mm
Temperature (C)

-20 to 70


3.3V + 0.3V

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