RFID for jewelry and gem stores

Flatorb Jewelry RFID tags and Tracking System is designed and developed to increase the efficiency of jewelry stores, enforce security, and to improve customer experience.

Jewelry stores carry high value items in moderate to high amount of quantities. In most cases taking a daily or even weekly inventory count is unlikely due to the fact it takes quite a number of hours and the process is hard. A loss of a single item can be very costly.

  • Jewelry store’s inventory often includes many small, high-value items
  • Loss of even a few pieces each quarter could mean a lot of money
  • Time consuming manual inventory counts
  • Human error
  • High labour cost

RFID based Jewelry tracking and store management system provided by Flatorb. This solution uses specially designed RFID tags to replace the traditional paper tags which holds the same information but with a digital signature. A simple scan of this digital signature can take your customer experience to a whole new level.

Benefits of the system
  • Count your inventory in a few minutes with a better accuracy
  • No human error
  • Continuous inventory system that tracks goods as they move through the store each day
  • Offer customers a more personalized shopping experience
  • Additional services to customers such as Bridal Registry
Specialized design

Jewelry RFID tags are specially designed to look and feel like the traditional paper tags found in Sri Lankan and American jewelry stores. Jewelers can print their logo, serial number and other information on the tag. We offer both reusable and disposable Jewelry RFID tags with a higher durability and signal quality. We provide comprehensive solution from providing equipment to the software and everything in between.

Improve customer service

With RFID tags you can automatically keep records of which items a customer have viewed previously, what are their purchasing habits, and many other specialized information allowing a faster and pleasant service for your customers.


You can reduce your inventory counting time to a few minutes using Jewelry RFID tags. Also sales agents can automatically calculate the price of an item based on the gold and other material value of that particular day; without having to do any manual calculations. Just by entering the phone number of the customer once, it will keep track of every item that customer viewed and is interested in.


We have been providing RFID solutions to our clients in Sri Lanka in the industries of manufacturing, retail, logistics, etc. Some of our applications include: production tracking, inventory and warehouse management, bulk/pallet tracking, in-store inventory management, and a wide range of customized application tailored to our clients needs. View our portfolio for more information about our RFID solutions here.

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