RFID Inventory System

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a highly reliable and very low cost solution to manage inventory and personnel. We are now implementing our RFID Inventory Tracking and Management System in Sri Lanka. Using this system you can:

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  • Manage inventory automatically
  • Keep movement logs
  • Track your products and/or staff

Our RFID’s are specially designed for the Sri Lankan weather conditions and including high humidity to operate with the highest reliability.

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  • Clothing stores
  • Product tracking and distribution
  • Offices to track employee movement
  • Clothing stores
  • Vehicle access control
  • Building access automation
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Based on your application and requirement, we place an RFID tag on your product. The RFID information along with the product information is stored in a central database. Hand-held RFID readers can scan your tags which lets you to perform any task as per your requirement. Some of the examples are:

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  • Real-time inventory stock information
  • Expiry alerts and prevention
  • Customer experience enhancement
  • In-depth insights on to your product movement
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FX Hello RFID Inventory tracking system was awarded as the Most Innovative Local Product by the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka (IEST) at the TECHNO 2015

Our system is fully customizable

While our system address almost all of the industry requirements, we know your business is unique. Our system can be easily and fully customized to achieve all your RFID Inventory Management requirements.

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