Sales force tracking

About the client

The client is a large scale construction material seller to hardwares located nationwide via the head office and the distribution centres.

Issues and challenges
  • Monitoring performance of the sales personnel was extremely hard
  • Real time information was not available to make sales decisions such as availability of stock, delivery feasibility, etc.
  • Tracking of daily targets vs daily achievements of the sales staff
  • Manual calculation of commissions leading to confusions and errors
  • Not being able to identify the hardwares that have already exceeded the credit limit and/or period
  • Sales staff carrying out sales in the areas that they are not allowed to
  • Staff idling and not being able to know the actual location they are at a given time
  • Lack of a customer relationship management system
Our solution
  • Usage of the CRM, Sales, Warehouse management and Finance modules of the FX Hello ERP Cloud system along with FX hello app to be used.
  • CRM is to manage the hardware’s along with their respective contacts, alerts and greetings to be send via the system
  • Individual customers would also get a login to the system for them to manage their finances such as paid invoices, pending balances, order placements, stock balances etc via the system
Benefits derived and outcomes
  • Better management of the sales staff
  • Ability to track and trace the exact locations of the sales staff
  • Order generations, invoicing, payment collections can all be done in one system
  • Availability of information to make quality decisions real fast
  • Ability to monitor individual sales performances, incentives etc
  • Cost and time saving due to automated process
  • Customers themselves can place orders via the system which reduces unnecessary paperwork and time delays
  • Real time information with regard to the stock levels, re-order quantities etc

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