Lifecycle management

OCTO ERP cloud platform allows you to manage all your assets with ease. From the point of receiving quotations from vendors to the point of discarding the asset, everything is streamlined, recorded, and automated.

  • Receive and manage quotations from suppliers
  • Purchasing and finance information management and recording
  • Asset distribution, allocation, and consignments with staff/guardian information
  • Manage maintenance, warranty, insurance, and other related information
  • Generation of alerts and notifications on pre-defined criteria
  • Depreciation calculations


Automate your asset maintenances and related documentation management with ease with our cloud based asset management system. Connect it with our ready-to-use RFID and/or Barcode capabilities to make it even more easier.

  • Schedule periodic maintenances
  • Easily log transfers to workshop
  • Attach maintenance records, comments, and other notes

Let's talk about your project

Our RFID engineers can come-up with the ideal solution for your requirement

We understand the complexity in building an efficient, reliable, and cost effective RFID system and our team is well experienced. Contact us now to discuss your project in detail and for a project proposal.


Does your assets gets moved around a lot? Do you need to keep track of who did what with your assets? Then the consignments feature of our asset management and tracking system can help you with a wide range of features that it comes with, just out of the box.

  • Assign and/or dispatch an asset on consignment basis to a user, job, project, etc.
  • Ability for managers to approve consignment requests
  • Asset/equipment availability checking
  • Reservations for future
  • Handling return accuracy

EAM and IIoT

Know detailed information about your assets by connecting them to a wide range of sensors and monitoring devices Flatorb has to offer. Whether you want to control an asset remotely or monitor the energy consumption of a particular asset, we have the devices and the cloud software platform to do exactly what you need.

Contact us to discuss your IIoT asset management application with one of our engineers now.


Our Plug-n-Play enabled hardware and software allows you to RFID tag all your physical assets with ease and minimal technical knowledge and staff training. Our engineers are here to help you with choosing the correct RFID tags, readers, and training on how to use our software.


Asset barcoding facility comes standard with our OCTO ERP platform and can be used with any barcode printer with ease. Just create your asset or upload a bulk of assets through an spreadsheet and you are ready to print your barcodes. Our industrial grade barcode readers and apps helps you to perform audits, transfers, and other operations with ease.


Connect your assets with Flatorb GPS devices and get the geographical location information and history on the same asset management platform. In additional to geolocating your assets, additional information such as fuel usage (where applicable), temperature data, usage information and many important parameters can be captured automatically.

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