How OCTO a locally developed ERP system can be a better choice for your business in Sri Lanka

10. User (license, seat) limit

Almost all ERP providers has restrictions on the number of users. Therefore many companies in Sri Lanka use one (or fewer than desired) account(s) to get away from large amounts of licensing fees. This mechanism does not give you a true picture of the operation. A mistake cannot be detected as it has multiple users using the same account, thus reducing the tracebility.

With OCTO ERP, the enterprise accounts starts at a user limit of 100 users. The OCTO pricing is not a multiplication of number of users. Our pricing is based on resource usage and results in far cheaper pricing than user-based-models. This provides the companies to have the required amount of accounts and have it monitored in a such a way to have a real picture of the operation.

9. Value additions

OCTO Cloud ERP system is entirely designed to handle advanced technologies such as RFID. Inventory control, sales force tracking, workflow tracking can be done easily on OCTO cloud ERP system

8. Device integration

Be it a scale, time attendance machine, or a complex production line; we are capable of integrating your devices onto the system. Which enhances the accuracy of the system and eliminates the manual entries. Flatorb in combination with OCTO Cloud takes Industrial IoT (IIoT) in to a whole new level.

7. Features

We have modules for CRM, HRM, warehouse management, sales, workflow management etc. We differ with the ability to accommodate custom features. Many ERP companies does not have capability to change with the organizational needs. We on the other hand have developed the entire system to accommodate change to current modules. Without having time delays we are capable of integrating new features on to the system.

6. Expandability

We have a modular nature. As you grow with your business you can add modules onto the ERP. If you need a new feature developed that can be easily integrated on to the current system.

5. Cost

We understand that cost is a huge factor when it comes for ERP’s. we do not charge you with dollars amounts. Our cost structure is done to suit the market of Sri Lanka, not only large scale operations but startups and medium scale operations.

4. Flexibility

We are flexible to provide you what you want. We can customize it to any level that you may want for the success of your operation. Many ERP’s fail because they are complicated. Our ERP is designed in a very simple and easy manner so that even a non IT person can start using it.

3. Customizability

We have the ability to customize to the exact need of the organization. The interfaces can be changed to match the individual need. Most of these changes can be carried out easily without any technical know how.

2. On-going support

We are one call away. Our exclusive support ticketing system is monitored constantly to resolve any need that you may face. Wide variety of support packages are offered for you to select based on your requirement.

The lack of consistency, time consuming explanations, having to work with multiple teams are few of many issues that many Sri lankan companies face with their international ERP providers.

We on the other hand have the right mix in our team and advanced project management tools to facilitate development, execution and after support in a hassle free manner

1. Local presence in Sri Lanka

Who would understand you better than a local? Who can bring you the possibilities and technologies to improve your business than a company who has a global exposure?

The gap between understanding the requirements to having an entirely different product can be eliminated with a company who understand the local issues in detail yet who has experience in global best practices to deliver an efficient reliable solution.

For a successful ERP implementation that would bring the best ROI for an organization, the work force of the organization should contribute immensely. This contribution does not happen when it is difficult for them to express their needs. We as a local company have the right skills to understand your employees better to make a system that would be an exact fit for your organization.

See everything about your business at one place.

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