Track your sales-force and inventory

OCTO Cloud ERP sales force tracking and monitoring system is a cost effective and efficient app that helps management to make decisions faster and accurately with real-time information. The app provides your sales-force a number of advance tools that allows them to focus on their ultimate duty, to generate more sales, rather than contacting the head office and providing status updates.

Sales force tracking app features

  • Track exact geo location of an employee
  • Monitor clock in/out times and locations
  • Detailed reports
  • Parent collections
  • Targets progress monitoring
  • Route mapping and daily plan
  • Commission calculations
  • Monitor device status and signal strengths
  • Sales order, quotations, and invoice generation and management

OCTO sales-force tracking app is developed with powerful technology that collects a wide range of data in regular time intervals and at key mile-stones allowing businesses to the best with their sales force.

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Inventory tracking

  • Real-time stock availability reports
  • Track transfers and dispatches of stocks
  • Expiry and shelf-life alerts and reports to minimize losses
  • Perform physical audits fast with high accuracy
  • Supports RFID, Barcode, and manual data entry
  • Connect with our GPS trackers to know where they are
  • Enforce FIFO, LIFO
  • Systems optimized for speed-up order preparation processes
  • Industrial grade hardware for rugged use
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