supply chain

track, trace, and automate your supply chain management with our RFID, Barcode, IoT, and Cloud based solutions


GRN, GIN, Gate Pass, Weigh Slips, Put-Away, Transfers, Cycle-Counts, etc.


Scheduling, route planning, fleet management, GPS, fuel records, trip logs


Dealer Pricing, Sales Orders, Order Fulfillment, Performance Incentives, Discount Management


Vendor management, payments, auto ordering, quotations, low-stock alerts

sales and marketing

powerful tools to increase your sales


Quotations, opportunity, sales orders, invoices, stock availability checking


Route planning, mobile app, order collection, incentive management, log, tracking


Customer information management, contact, order history, support, warranty


Campaign planning, performance monitoring, automation, ROI calculation


plan, execute, and automate production processes with ease


Create a BOM, use the production capacity determination tools, plan and schedule production, allocate resources, and pick & issue the correct material

Produce with efficiency

Minimize wastage on material and resources, real-time insights on production throughput, automated quality standards monitoring.

Insights and Analysis

Highly accurate real-time reports generated through automated data capturing and tracking systems to make decisions fast and better.

asset management

track and manage your assets in real-time

Asset Registry

On the cloud with purchasing information, maintenance records, pictures, movement history, etc.


Automatically monitor finances associated with your assets such as depreciation calculations.

Real-time location tracking

RFID, barcode, GPS, and IoT based tracking of asset location, performance, and movement.

Learn more about enterprise asset management

See how we have helped many organizations to track, trace, and manage their assets with ease using RFID, Barcode, GPS, and other IoT based technologies.


suite of tools that allows your business to run efficiently with automation

Human Resources (HR)

Time-sheets, information management, over-time calculation, evaluations, leave management, and biometrics integration

Project management

Plan and allocate resources with precision with our productivity tools such as the cloud project management tool, staff tracking solutions, etc.


Keep your staff up-to-date and compliant with our online learning and training solutions. Carryout orientation, product trainings, etc.


we are here to help make your project a success

From basic feasibility discussions to providing in-depth technical knowledge and guidance on implementing your project, our experienced RFID consultants are here to assist in every step along the way. We can help you to come-up with the correct practical and reliable solution, make it cost-efficient, and expandable for your future needs.

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