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RFID, Barcode, GPS and IoT
based tracking solutions for businesses

Explore and learn more about how we automate your business processes for better efficiency and traceability.

Less work, more flow.

We bring the power of technology to businesses to stay focused on daily tasks and goals that grow business by automating whatever possible.


Item level automated tracking made possible on the cloud with minimal setup and configuration.

Industrial IoT

Plug and play devices and solutions to automatically capture crucial data to your ERP.


Barcode based tracking solutions for supplychain and warehousing applications to automate operations.

Cloud Solutions

Highly customizable tracking solutions to address your complex business and production tracking needs.

Extremely powerful and way less to do.

Eliminate the day to day repetetive manual work and data entering with our automated industrial solutions for manufacturing, logistics, retail, supply-chain, and more.

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Delivering awesome solutions faster, and better.

Our engineers can help you to implement cutting edge technology solutions to address the tracking and tracing needs of your business.

Integrate with hardware & software

In-house developed cloud based software to track each and every step of a business allowing to capture crucial data with minimal effort. Configure to fit your organization. Get up and running within hours.
Integrate, capture, and visualize data for business intelligence with ease with our Industrial IoT solutions specially designed for manufacturing and supply chain industry
Use our ready to use connectors or the REST API to seamlessly connect your existing ERP or business management software with us to eliminate manual data entering procedures.

Loved by companies across the world

With small, medium, and large enterprise clients in Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Supply-chain, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Apparel, and many other industries, below is just a few high-light customers through the years.

Software Development

We build custom websites, web applications, mobile apps, and business management applications. With over 20 years of industry experience in building enterprise applications we specialize in building high-performance, secure, and growth ready applications efficiently.