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Container depot management system

Manage your shipping container yard/depot with ease using our ready to go cloud based management software. Manage your MLOs, container inward and outward movement, container repairs and estimations with ease from anywhere.

Container Inwards

Easily and quickly record container inward data including MLO and Port references, vehicle and driver data, and container conditions.

EDI Communication

Automatically notify and deliver information to MLOs and customers when your shipping containers move through your depot.

Inspection & Survey

Carryout shipping container survey and inspection with ease with our mobile ready application and record crucial data with ease.

Automated Billing

Easily and automatically generate invoices for storage, handling, washing, repairs, and other services you provide to MLOs and customers

Repair Estimates

Generate repair estimates to your MLO and send for approval in real-time. Automated and streamlines process puts you on autopilot.

Container Outwards

Record outward movement data and automatically cross check and enforce rules on reservations, quality requirements, etc.

Experience to deliver

We are not just another software solutions company. With extensive experience in logistics, transportation, and supply-chain industries we built innovative solution using technologies to address real issues in the operations and to make your depot efficient.

Why you should use us?

OCTO SaaS is our in-house built cloud based Container Depot and Yard Management Software that is delivering amazing features and productivity tools to our customers over the years.

Integrate with other applications

While we provide a comprehensive software to manage and track all activities of a shipping container depot, we have a feature rich API interface to link our application with other softwares and services.

Contact our support team and we can get you setup quickly with the required credentials and documentations.

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