item level tracking for better control

We specialize in providing RFID based solutions for wider range of applications. Whether it is asset, inventory or process tracking we provide both RFID hardware and software solutions for businesses to achieve higher visibility and maximum accuracy.


RFID Tags and Labels

Each application requires a carefully determined RFID tag. We offer a wide range of tags and labels of various sizes, shapes, material, and technologies to address the exact requirement. We even create customized tags and label stickers.

RFID readers and antennas

Matching the RFID reader and antenna with the tag is crucial for the efficiency and accuracy of any RFID application. Our experienced engineers calculates these to achieve your  requirements with a higher efficiency at a lower cost

Software and ERP systems

Our cloud based RFID software is a full scale ERP that can address all RFID tracking applications with other business and customer management tools. It’s easy to use, agile, powerful, and affordable.

Plug ‘n Play

With over 21 modules addressing a wide range of applications from a simple asset management to a very complex supply chain management systems, our software and hardware is ready to go allowing you to implement faster.

Experience and Investment

Our experienced team, along with our stable hardware and software, know how to build RFID systems with high efficiency, reliability and accuracy allowing you to reduce initial investment and running costs.


While our system addresses a wide range of applications out-of-the box, we realize that requirements of each organization is unique. Our system can be easily customized to match your exact requirements.

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Our RFID engineers can come-up with the ideal solution for your requirement

We understand the complexity in building an efficient, reliable, and cost effective RFID system and our team is well experienced. Contact us now to discuss your project in detail and for a project proposal.

RFID for Warehouse Tracking, Management, and Automation

Automate storing products on shelves, moving forks lifts and product pallets through the warehouse, and loading a mixed order to a truck. Our fully autonomous warehouse management solution makes the operations efficient and independent on manual work-force.

Inventory management using RFID

Is your inventory hard to keep track of? We provide fully automated and customized inventory management systems which can pin-point the location of items and give real-time information on inventory counts, shelf life, and a range of other critical and useful information to manage your inventory.

Jewelry and gem stones tracking

Flatorb Jewelry RFID tags and Tracking System is designed and developed to increase the efficiency of jewelry stores, enforce security, and to improve customer experience.

RFID Tracking

Track the movement of your employees, vehicle fleet, product and anything you can imagine of by using our RFID tracking systems. Many large scale manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka have successfully implemented this solution to track their supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution.

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