Industrial IoT

Connecting devices, data, and you since 2008.
Discover how we capture critical business data automatically

Industrial <span class="f_700">IoT</span>


Temperature, Ultrasonic, Light, Movement, or anything else you want to measure.

Easy & Ready to Use

Start monitoring and managing your business automatically with our ready to use IoT devices

Visual Intelligence

Capture business data, asset movement, efficiency, productivity, working conditions

Machine Learning

Deriving better sense from your business data with OCTO Machine Learning and Control


Count and track faster and more accurately with our RFID solutions for your supply chain


Out of the box and customized solutions for manufacturing, retail, asset tracking, and more


Track and guide your business with our GPS solutions from manufacturing to sales/delivery


Our solutions are mobile, redundant, secure, fast, and can connect with multiple peers

Hardware Integration

Make your machines talk to each other and collect data automatically. Our hardware integration IoT solutions allows you to directly connect your existing machinery and equipment to our OCTO Cloud Platform. This allows automatic data logs, report generation, warnings and alerts generation via multiple channels, triggering other devices to perform an action, and so much more.

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