At Flatorb we consider ourselves to be a community with highest level of integrity and ethical conduct. We stimulate our Imagination, promote our Innovation, and always strive for nothing less than the perfectness of Implementation.


Most of our projects starts with the question “How?”. Then we forget everything we have been told over the years saying we cannot do, and starts imagining solutions as if it was a fiction.


We take pride in our products, which have been the ultimate result of our continuous innovations in the fields of Engineering, Information Technology, Communications and much more.


Each project and every client of Flatorb is at the top of our focus. We carry out each project to deliver the best results to our customers helping them to achieve and reach beyond their goals and expectations.

Flatorb was established in 2008 in Washington DC USA, and provides comprehensive engineering, automation, energy saving and web application development services to all sizes of businesses and organizations around the world. Solutions we have developed has been implemented in over 100 countries serving millions of people.

In 2012 we incorporated Flatorb in Sri Lanka as our first overseas office. Since our establishment in Sri Lanka, we have brought a new era of automation and industrial technology to the country.

In short, we are a group of very curious people who usually do unusual things to achieve the technologically unusual things.

Our mission

To provide comprehensive technology solutions with the highest reliability and effectiveness, to our clients to address their specific requirements while being economical.

Our vision

To become the go to technology solutions provider when others cannot give solutions.

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