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Complex problems have simple solutions.
At Flatorb, we invent them.

About us - this is our story.

Why we do it

Most businesses started by doing something they love. Then they wanted to track, so they wrote things down. Then they wanted to be efficient, so they used a software. Is this your story? Is it still fun?

We want to let you do what you love by automatically tracking everything else that you don’t want to do.

How we got started

We started as a small firm who provide simple web based controlling solutions for various businesses around the world.

With time we have collected the similarities and differences of various industries and have developed a generic yet specialized solution to address the questions of when, where, what, who, and why of any business.

What we are doing now

We are crafting simple and elegant automated solutions for complex problems businesses face every day to capture valuable information, helping them to be more productive, have a mobile and dynamic workforce, and function with highest quality.

Who is doing it

We are a team of engineers, software developers, and business analysts that believe there are simpler solutions for complex and time consuming problems. With our teams in Sri Lanka, USA, and a number of other countries we continue to craft solutions for problems businesses face each day.

Where are we going

We are on a journey to automate the data capturing process of any business. While we have managed to automate a larger portion of traditionally manual work, we believe that there is more room to automate and provide employees a free mind to focus on their core and allow businesses to operate at full capacity.