Why Flatorb


Our whole business model is based on quality and simplicity. We are focused on providing simple solutions for complicated problems; and we provide them with the highest quality.

International Standards

Whether it’s an industrial automation system or a website design, we adhere to international industry standards.

International Expertise

Project management

On-time Delivery

The thing is, we actually deliver, on-time. We have been working with many mission critical solution/systems development and have developed sophisticated project management systems to deliver on-time.

No Hidden Costs

Fast response

We deliver working solutions

We listen to you

We understand you

We have been exposed to various technologies and methodologies from around the world. So the chances are we are going to understand and visualize what you are trying to say.

Warranty and Guarantee

The passion

We are a team of passionate individual that works great as a team to deliver solutions that brings results to our clients. We build things to see it up and running and we take pride in what we build.

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